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Kombucha Yoga in Singapore

First Kombucha Yoga in Singapore

You might have heard of beer yoga but have you heard of this healthier version?

Holding a bottle of uncapped kombucha while doing yoga induces calmness in the nervous system on top of training balance on the mat (to not spill).

Now you can improve your gut health one pose and one sip at a time! Try it out during your next workout!

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Hear from our fans

Great blends with interesting flavours! Chiananas is my personal favourite kombucha with a hint of sweetness from pineapples and interesting textures from chia seeds. Recommended for people who are interested in trying out exotic kombynations (pun intended)   


JingsiP (Architect)

It was the best kombucha I have tasted!

Cassandra R (CNA938 producer)

Guess who is a fan of @kombynationco kombucha?

IMO best kombucha I have tried so far, the others were too sour or too carbonated or just meh 

August (Supply chain)

My fav kombucha are these from @kombynationco! If you like passionfruit, a slight tinge of ginger and health benefits of turmeric, try this(Gingeric Passion) too!

SiowyingN (Teacher)

Original Komby makes a wonderfully refreshing summer drink at any time of day ( ´ ▽ ` )

MeitingC (Undergrad)

Damn good. Since it is freshly brewed (locally), the taste profile when bottled and what the customer taste won't be so different if consumed early, unlike the ones flown in which are not balanced

Firdaus (Nurse)

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