Covid-19 - What is it and how can you keep you and your family safe

The single, most devastating event of 2020 which will fundamentally change the way of life all over the world is not showing any signs of slowing down. Some experts fear it might even be here to stay forever and become a seasonal disease. But what exactly is it, and what can we do to flatten the curve of rising infections? What has kombucha have to do with all these? Read on to find out!

Covid -19 is the name of the disease caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 which has been thought to have originated from bats, passing through pangolins and has now jumped to humans. This is possible because viruses have an extraordinary capability to mutate themselves, in order to 'hijack' the cells of these vastly different animals, which then provides them with all the raw materials they need to replicate and spread throughout the body

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Being a viral infection, there is no 'cure' that directly targets the virus like how antibiotics directly targets bacteria only. Current treatments in hospitals are focused on providing the best conditions for our body's own defense system to fight off the virus infected cells. This includes placing patients in a sterile environment to prevent further infections so that the body can focus on one enemy, providing them with immune boosting supplements and whole foods, and letting them get plenty of rest.

While you might not be able to turn your home into a sterile environment, the good news is you can do the other two and more even if you are stuck at home if your country is currently in lockdown mode!
Some of the important steps you can take in order to give yourself the best chance at fending off covid 19 includes

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1. Practice social distancing as the main form of transmission is currently via water droplets from infected people.

2. Get plenty of rest at home if you feel tired, this is literally one of the rare times you can doze off during working hours and not have to worry! (assuming you are working from home) Good sleep increases cytokines released that could help to enhance your body's immune T cell response to contain and remove cells that are infected.

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3. Consume a varied diet of whole and healthy foods which contains the necessary micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals which enhances the immune response as well. Don't just hoard instant noodles and toilet paper!

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4. Do some exercise at home or around your apartment building! Exercising gets your blood pumping, which helps your immune cells to be recirculated more thus increasing immunosurveillance, which is the time your body takes to recognize a threat.

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5.Start a new potentially immune boosting hobby during this stay home period to help your family and friends, pick up some home fermentation skills to make your own kimchi, yoghurt or even kombucha! These are some of the easier ferments to start with but you should always make sure to properly sanitize all the equipment needed or you might risk contamination which will damage your immune system strength instead!

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