Holiday cocktails, or just everyday cocktails

Our favorite time of the year is almost upon us, Christmas! This season of giving, we're gonna give you all you need to make 3 cool cocktails with a healthy twist by adding Kombynation Co.'s kombucha. 

Before we get into the details, for all of you out there who are making cocktails for the first time, it might be useful to note that there are 3 basic ingredient types in any cocktail. The alcohol, the mixers (usually soda water and sugary syrup), and garnishes (for aroma and sexiness). Here's a short video to see how to make some of the garnishes that we might be using here. Also, cocktails are all about the balance so having a basic tool like a jigger would help immensely.


Smaller cup is one part and larger cup is 2 parts. Ready? Here we go!

The Ginbucha

Lets start off with one of the simplest cocktail you can make at home but with profound depths of flavor that would surprise even experienced cocktail connoisseurs. We created this together with our good friends at Brass Lion Distillery's "The Singapore dry gin" but it would work with other gins too.


3 parts Original Komby

1 part Gin

Pour over ice, garnish with lemon twist

Hawaiian iced cha 

This is a kombucha twist on the classic long island iced tea, a deceptively strong drink with at least 4 different types of alcohol in it but still, all you need are the ingredients and a tall glass.

pineapple kombucha cocktail singapore


0.5 part Vodka

0.5 part Gin

0.5 part Tequila

0.5 part Light Rum

3 parts Chiananas

Combine ingredient in a tall glass with ice. Garnish with pineapple wedge.

Kombucha mule

Next up, we will be swapping out the ginger beer in a classic moscow mule with Gingeric passion instead for a new twist on this storied cocktail. Make crushed ice required in this recipe by wrapping ice in a clean towel and swinging it onto the tabletop (unless you have a glass tabletop).


1 part Vodka

0.5 part Lime juice

2 part Gingeric Passion

Lime wedge

Mint leaf

Combine vodka, lime juice and Gingeric passion kombucha in a copper mug and serve over crushed ice. Drop a lime wedge in, and pop a sprig of mint to garnish.


Berried margarita

The final cocktail is a shaken cocktail that is one step up from the previous 2 and requires, well, a cocktail shaker. Pro tip, using frozen berries as garnish keeps your drink cold longer with the use of less ice, and less ice means less dilution. If you've got your shaker ready, lets go!


1 part tequila

0.5 part lime juice

1 part Berried Peaches

2 frozen blackberry, 1 frozen raspberry

Pour tequila, lime juice and berried peaches and ice into shaker and shake. Strain out into a glass with 3 ice cubes and add the frozen berries in. Garnish with a lime wheel.



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