What are the health benefits of Kombucha?

Want to know more about the non probiotic benefits of this fermented tea beverage you've been hearing about? Want credible scientific sources for the mentioned benefits? We hear ye. The internet abounds with wellness sites rehashing content without proper verification but us here at Kombynation Co., like to do things the proper way. Below are 4 main benefits from multiple research papers. Do note that these benefits are mainly found in animal studies like lab mice. However, this does not necessarily mean whatever results stated does not apply to humans as the mice's internal body workings are pretty similar to us despite us how different we look on the surface.


The main compound glycosaminoglycan (GlcUA) in kombucha modifies toxic metabolites and exogenous chemicals ingested into compounds of better solubility for easier excretion (Vina et. al., 2014).


Sies & Stahl (1995) reported on the presence of antioxidants in kombucha such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other carotenoids. Antixidants prevent the oxidation of molecules and thus prevents harmful free radicals’ formation.

Energising capabilities

Irons set free from tea and the gluconic acid produced from the kombucha culture increases the blood haemoglobin level, thus increasing the oxygen uptake which results in more energy production (Dufresne & Farnworth, 2000).
energetic man running
"I'm coming for you, kombucha!"

Protection of immunity

Extensive experiments confirmed the immune-protecting properties of kombucha as the vitamin C enhances the immune system while the antioxidant properties protect against cell damage and the development of inflammatory disease (Vina et. al., 2014).
Immune system knight
"With my armour and my Kombucha, I am now immune"

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