Kombynation Co. Kombucha Brewing Kit

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Do you want to try your hands at brewing kombucha at home after falling in love with it? Or perhaps you find yourself with some time on your hands and want to take up a new immune boosting hobby that is good for you and your circle of friends and family?

Then it is time for you to get the Kombynation Co. kombucha brewing kit containing everything you need to start your kombucha brewing journey! This is not just another brewing kit like the shady ones you see on Carousell or by other random sellers online because what you get, is a Singapore lab approved kombucha baby SCOBY and a very strong starter liquid that ensures your kombucha brewing adventures is off to a good start! Just buy this once and with enough effort and love, you can enjoy many batches of kombucha forever fermented to your own tastes and preference.

We have 'trained' this particular SCOBY to thrive in normal black tea so its not too expensive while you are getting your feet wet. But once you get the hang of it, feel free to explore with other types of tea. You can also learn more about the different kinds of fermentation experiments you can do by attending our kombucha brewing workshop at a subsidised rate if you get this brewing kit (promo code included in the kit)!

What's included in the brewing kit:

1 x Kombynation Co. lab approved baby SCOBY (to be used within 1 month of delivery)

1 x Kombynation Co. strong starter liquid (to be used within 1 month of delivery)

1 x 3L wide mouthed glass jar 

1 x cloth and band

4 x pH strips and comparison chart

1 x Temperature strip

2 x Dropper

8 x Clipper tea teabags

1 x bag of cane sugar

1 x kombucha brewing workshop promo code (upon request, workshop is available on the last Saturday of every month) 

1 x  kombucha brewing instructions

Lifetime access to Kombynation Co.'s masterbrewers for guidance if you have any questions




Note: Not for commercial use. Do keep the brewing kit upright and store it at room temperature upon receipt.