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Hello there! If you stumbled upon this page, it's likely because you are either in HR, in charge of people and culture, lead a team or simply put, you are in charge of making the great people in your company feel even better. If you're looking for unique options to boost the welfare and morale of your company, feel free to browse through the options we provide below and choose the most appropriate then contact us here! P.S. let us know if you have a strict budget and our team will recommend the best option for you!

Virtual Kombucha Brewing Workshop

  • Great team bonding fun with endless kombucha related topics to discuss amongst each other for days to come after the the class
  • Learn the proper ways to brew up delicious and healthy kombucha
  • Brewing kits conveniently sent to all employee's address

"Thanks for the awesome workshop! It was fun and the guys were so much more interactive than in other Zoom meetings!"  - Serene H

WFH Soul food care packages 

  • Show employees working from home that you care by sending them a unique care pack filled with locally made food and beverage products
  • Support local startups and talent
  • Customize your message to be printed and pasted onto the box

Don't like the current WFH Soul Foods care pack? Choose from the options below and create your own:

"Kudos to the team for the beautiful handwritten notes and going to extra mile to accommodate our various requests! Everyone loved it!!" - Samantha Y

Corporate pantry stocking

  •  Provide gut healthy beverage options in the pantry to keep your awesome team going strong
  •  Available in glass bottles, cans or kegs, for freshly tapped kombucha everyday

"Some of us don't drink beer everyday so this was a perfect option that can connect directly to our current pantry taps, thanks for the great service!"

- Anthony T

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