Kombucha bottles subscription FAQ

How do I manage my subscriptions?

An email will be sent to you once you have placed your order with a link to "Manage Subscription". If you have trouble navigating the page, simply email your desired modifications to info@kombynationco.com and our friendly staff will help you out in a jiffy.

What can I edit for my kombucha subscriptions?

With our flexible subscription service, you can customize your very own monthly/bi-weekly delivery to suit your tastes and schedule anytime. Below is a list of what you can edit from the "Manage subscription" link is sent to your email after the first subscription.

Delivery schedule - see at a glance if you have deliveries coming up. You will be charged on the same day as the delivery date reflected.

Subscriptions - Look at the list of kombucha flavors that you have under subscriptions. This is also where you can cancel your subscription if you want to after the first 3 deliveries.

Billing information - Here you can change your credit card information and your delivery address in the event that you moved house or got a new credit card.

I / my family is going overseas for the month, can we skip the deliveries for that month?

Definitely! Just head to "Delivery schedule" under your subscription page and click on "Skip". We will be notified to skip your delivery for that period and you won't be charged. After that, your kombucha delivery will resume as per normal without you having to lift a finger.

It's been great but I want to try new things now, how do I cancel my kombucha subscription?

If you're sure you want to stop subscribing, we will be sad, but you may do so anytime after 3 deliveries by clicking the "Cancel button". If you ever decide to subscribe again in the future, simply head to the same "Manage subscription" link in your email and you can "Reactivate" your subscription without having to key in all the delivery and payment details again!