Kombucha subscription box - How to guide

Are you a regular kombucha drinker or does your whole family consume kombucha at a monstrous rate?
Do you want to skip the hassle of going through the entire ordering process every time you want to drink our delicious brews?
Rejoice! Because now you have an option to subscribe for our
Monthly Kombynation Co. kombucha delivery!!
(Go through the process just once and the various kombucha of your choice will be delivered to your doorstep automatically every month)
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What's more, you can enjoy savings of 10% off our regular kombucha prices, as you are helping us to better manage our brewing schedule to reduce wastage.
This is a no-obligation subscription package in which you can modify or cancel anytime after the first 3 deliveries so don't worry about being locked in forever!
The process to automate your monthly kombucha delivery is simple

Step 1
Choose the kombucha flavors and quantity here
Step 2 (Important)
Select "Subscribe and save", select your delivery schedule (Every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks) then click "Add to cart"
Step 3
Click on the "Continue shopping" button to select more flavors and repeat step 2
Step 4
Once you have at least 11 bottles (to qualify for free delivery) click on the "Check out" button
Step 5 (Check out page)
Fill in your delivery information and check through your order summary at the check out page. The email address that you enter will receive the order summary and also a link for you to modify your subscription in the future.
Step 6 (Payments page)
Fill in your payment details, this card will be charged according to your chosen delivery schedule automatically unless you stop the subscription! Once you're done, click on the "Place my order" button and we will be notified immediately to start preparing your kombucha order
Step 7 (Receive your first kombucha delivery)
Your first kombucha bottle delivery will be sent to you within one week after we receive payment. After which, it will be delivered according to the delivery schedule you chose.
Step 8 (Wash and keep your used bottles!)
For every 10 clean empty glass bottles returned upon the next delivery, you will get one free bottle of kombucha from our friendly delivery person! So don't throw them out and help us to save the environment in our own little way.
Ready to for automated kombucha monthly deliveries?
Click here to start
If you have more questions, check out our blog post for our bottle subscriptions