Euglena Yugrass - Zesty stress reducer

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Euglena Yugrass - Zesty stress reducer
Euglena Yugrass - Zesty stress reducer
Euglena Yugrass - Zesty stress reducer
Euglena Yugrass - Zesty stress reducer

In our first cross border collaboration, Kombynation Co. has partnered with Euglena Co. to launch the world's first Euglena kombucha!

Euglena is a unicellular eukaryotic microalgae that is part of the kingdom Protista. The last time you saw these combination of words was probably in your primary school science textbook, but here's why we should be paying more attention to this tiny but mighty microscopic superfood!
As one of earth's oldest lifeforms that evolved more that 500 million years ago, Euglena has been supporting life on earth since prehistoric eras, and for good reason as it contains over 50 essential nutrients that humans need to consume for good health. Not only can you consume it, Euglena, in another form, has also been used as jet fuel to power airplanes, talk about versatile!

While the taste of euglena itself is a little funky, we've added yuzu extract and some Singapore grown wheatgrass to balance out the taste profile and give it a little more "pi-zest"

Euglena ( Euglena gracilis )
Among its bounty of nutrients are 14 vitamins like Vitamins C & D, 9 minerals like Iron & Calcium, 18 amino acids like Lysine & Alanine, 11 unsaturated fatty acids like DHA & EPA and 7 others like Chlorophyll & Paramylon (β-glucan). [1]

Regular consumption of Euglena has been shown to confer the following health benefits
- Increase in microbiota diversity which helps to regulate bowel movements and more [2]
- Improve sleep quality and work efficiency in stressed individuals [3]
- Enhance immune system [3]

Yuzu (Citrus junos)
A winter citrus with a rich acidity and distinctive aroma that has been popular for centuries, Yuzu is known to offer
- High levels of antioxidants [4]
- Improves memory and reduces oxidative stress from brain-damaging proteins [5]

Wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum)
Wheatgrass is the freshly sprouted first leaves of the common wheat plant. While it may be the same plant, wheatgrass is actually gluten free and helps to
- Lower LDL 'bad' cholesterol and increase HDL 'good' cholesterol [6]
- Regulate blood sugar levels [7]
- Alleviate inflammation in various organs [8]

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300 ml

Served in a glass bottle. Raw unpasteurized kombucha contain trace amounts of alcohol, no more than what you would find in naturally ripened fruits.

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