Fans of fermentation limited edition set - Kombucha X Craft beer 6 pack

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For our first limited edition collaboration set, we are teaming up with our friends from Binjai Brew to launch the [Fans of the Fermentation set]. While there are some differences, the process of brewing kombucha and brewing beer aren’t really all that different. They both involve taking good care of our SCOBYs or yeast to ensure they’re happily bubbling. In turn, they take care of us and make us happy and bubbly. So please raise a glass of either and cheers to the wonders of fermentation! Whether you are someone who eat clean by day and indulge a little at night or plan to share this pack with someone, the variety of flavors that can be found here will delight your tastebuds to no end!

Each limited edition set contains:

- 3 x Kombynation Co. kombuchas (Original Komby, Gingeric Passion, Berried peaches)

- 3 x Binjai Brew craft beers 

       - Set B (Beer brewed with leftover sourdough bread from Keong Saik bakery)

       - Error 404 (India pale Lager)

       - B Hazy (Hazy New England IPA)

Fun fact: Did you know that the founders of both Binjai Brew and Kombynation Co. started their brewing journey from their respective university hall/dormitories? Show your support for more student entrepreneurship initiatives with this set!

All limited edition set orders will be delivered within 2-3 days