WFH Soul Food Care Pack - Classic

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WFH Soul Foods Care Pack - Classic 1
WFH Soul Foods Care Pack - Classic 2

We know WFH can be tough, what with the lack of conducive work environment, constant distractions, blurred lines between work and rest etc. That's why a few of us gathered together to create this WFH Soul Food Care Pack (originally worth $46.50) that is filled with great tasting real food and drinks, made with 100% love to lift your spirits! After all working from home is also an opportunity to feast on delicious food and drinks while attending yet another virtual meeting. Let us continue to stay safe and stay happy as we continue fighting and winning the war against COVID!!

All WFH Soul Food Care Packs are 100% Gluten free, 100% Vegan, contain no preservatives and absolutely no artificial sugars, flavours or colorings.

Perfect as a gift for yourself, your friends, your colleagues, or your family!

Each WFH Soul Food Care Pack - Classic contains:

- 2 kombucha (Berried Peaches and Original Komby) from Kombynation Co.
- 3 - MIDNIGHT™ CLASSIQUE CUPCAKES TRIO (Original, Mint and Citrus) from RÒA Cakes
- 1 wheel of vegan cheese (Smoked Paprika, Garlic and Herbs) from Nut Culture

Deliveries will be made within 1 week upon order. Customise your care pack with a message by typing it out during the checkout process!